Monday, 23 March 2015

Day 5 - Alamanda College

Alamanda College

Alamanda College website

Alamanda College Student Engagement and Well-being Essential Agreements

  • 1100 students in Preparatory, Junior and Middle Schools
  • PYP School
  • Work in mini schools - about 200 students in each
  • Principal meets with senior staff every night until about 7pm
  • All staff are doing balanced leadership programme
  • Young staff and very hardworking
  • Range of different types of spaces
  • Children with ASD are in more traditional spaces
  • Spaces are planned around the students
  • Just starting to have some deep conversations with students
  • 1:1 school, iPad or MacBook, paid for by parents

Learner Profile Displayed in entrance to College

Learner Profile displayed in staffroom

Self directed maths programme

students highlight what they already know and circle what they are working on

self assessment

these students created a maths game for others as evidence of their learning

students using various materials during maths time

visual display of each child's goals in the classroom. Regularly updated

Students set goals for all curriculum areas

a visual display to show which students the teacher has conferenced with each day

visual learning intentions and outcomes

School vision wall display in entrance corridor

moveable walls (based on concept of iPad cover)

large version of moveable walls

furniture placed on front of doors to prevent them being closed and to create adaptable spaces

work station for infrequent visitors to the school

adjustable table legs to enable different heights

staffroom displays

staffroom displays

staffroom displays

staffroom displays

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