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Day 3 (part one) - Silverton Primary School

Silverton Primary School

  • Loretta (AP) came to Silverton 6 years ago and it was like landing in a place where things we know are great actually happen! 
  • It takes a lot of work but you can see kids running into school. 
  • Low socio economic area, lots of transients.
  • Current roll 520.
  • School built in 1971, experimental model. 4 large blocks we call learning centres. Originally had walls in them, however Principal said one day: when you come back next year the walls will be gone and if your not up for it, I'll support you in your application for another job.
  • We don't have classes as such however kids are allotted to a learning centre and a teacher.
  • Children have workshops based on their needs and they work with lots of different teachers in different sized groups.
  • Teachers are always evaluating what's working.
  • There is a start up programme at the beginning of every year.
  • Every year teachers come up with creative ideas about how to name learning areas and what they will be for. Resources are then placed in the learning areas.
  • There is no hiding, everything is very public.
  • Foundation centre (new entrants): 100 kids aged 4-5 and 5 teachers. They have specialist programmes - Art, Science, Music, Mandarin, PE and we have ESoL teachers as well.
  • All students have 8 hours per week dedicated to Discovery time. 
  • We researched everything really well - looked at Reggio and Montessori models, visited NZ and other schools and created a programme.
  • Kids have very high expectations and this keeps the ball rolling.
  • 20 parents in volunteer programme.
  • Teachers have work stations all together, no teacher desks in learning areas.
  • On any given day the furniture will move and it moves a lot!
  • Kids very mobile and very independent.
  • Teachers plan together, shared on one-note. Every team have a whole day at the end of each term to plan together.
  • Every member of staff is paired up in mentor/mentoree relationship.
  • Students are also in multi-age support groups. They get into their groups for learning as well as sporting events.
  • Most PLD is run by teachers for teachers with some external support when required.
  • Meetings each week on pastoral care.
  • Mentoring group has about 15-20 students and 2 teachers.
  • Data boards: On show in the staffroom so that we can all see where all of the kids are at with their learning.  The data board gets updated regularly and plans are put in place to support individual students’ needs. Teachers take photos of the data boards during the year to see visual shift.  Each team has data boards too with pictures of kids.
  • We are actively growing leaders across the school. Nearly all teachers are a leader in something.
  • All children only sit still for a period of time that equals their age plus one and no longer. Teachers do "teach and go", "teach and go."
  • Very strong learning culture.
  • Opinion of teachers - the more teachers in a team, the better.

Data Board - in the staffroom. Updated regularly.

Data Board

Data Board

Key for Data Board

Data Board

Visual Display of Strategic Plan in staffroom

Recent survey data of parents and students on display in staffroom

Green Screen corner

Recording Studio for school radio

Filming studio for school news updates

Outdoor, covered stage area

Every class, every students - a collage of us

Outside under covered stage area, screen covered by protective glass

The following photos were taken in the Foundation (new entrants) room during their Discovery time.

Outside area for new entrants and discovery time

Discovery time zone

Coloured ice cubes


Making pudding station!

Writing Zone

The Design Den: wet area, all art materials here

Maths Madness corner

Self assessment guide for Discovery Time

Dress ups!

Inside "The Block"

Planetarium Zone

Children watching and self discovering on Google Maps

Each child has a passport and they journey through the Discovery Time zones

Students complete self assessment each day and share back with their peers during sharing session

Cooking and Reading zones

Puppet Play area

Visual display of which students are in which teachers groups for reading

Reading plans

Visual class timetables

Visual class timetables

Visual class timetables

Foundation Teacher discussing 5 year olds in MLE spaces

The following photos are from class for year 4-5

Visual display for literacy groups

Teacher's portfolio's

Visual tracker for where students are

Tech Experts

Specialist Art area

Specialist Music Area

Music lessons room

School farm

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