Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Day 2 - Melbourne Conversations

A Panel Discussion with Stephen Heppell, Gary Stager, Leone Lorrimer (Melbourne Architect) and Shirley Tian (Robogals President, Melbourne)

We were privileged to be in the right place at the right time and Julia Aitkin scored us an invite to hear these wonderful and inspiring educators have a conversation about technology and education.


 Stephen Heppell

“It's an extraordinarily connected world. The big commercial western schools won't do anymore.  The model we had was industrially convenient. The models we built were built for our convenience and held kids to learning according to their age.”

“I wonder how good learning might be? Let's ask everyone who wants to be part of learning not for their opinion, for their research.”

“Small scale, stage not age schools. We are at the dawn of learning and perhaps the death of education!”

Shirley Tian

“Lego robotics for girls.  We use a lot of technology and apps everyday but we don't know how it's designed or made. We took robots to schools and helped kids to understand how they work, interacting and working together to build robots.”

Gary Stager

“I'm not surprised when kids do amazing things, I'm surprised when adults are surprised by the amazing stuff they did.”

“In the future, schools will not enjoy the monopoly on kids time as they currently hold.”

“We need kids to be engaged in the productive construction of knowledge.”

“We have over valued kids learning with their heads, in the future we will need to value learning with ones head, heart and hands.  We want kids engaged in things that are personally relevant to them.  We need to create places where kids want to be.”

Leone Lorrimer

“Inner city schools are the future of sustainable cities.”

“Technology gives us time to spend on thinking, collaborating, communicating, problem solving.”

My moment of childhood awe and wonder!

 I spied Stephen Heppell with a pair of Google Glasses and I just had to have a go!  Stephen graciously obliged and I proceeded to giggle with excitement as he put them on my eyes and asked me to gaze at the stars above me.  I experienced that wonderful childhood feeling of genuine awe and amazement at the world this wonderful technology had opened my eyes to. 

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